The saying “Better to be safe than sorry” is ringing loud today! 🔊 With what lies ahead being so unpredictable, I feel it’s best to keep everyone home for the evening. There is no safe space to take shelter at the studio in the event that a tornado does form and that area floods just with regular amounts of rain, not to mention the potential to be without power. Enjoy the night off with your loved ones ♥️ And please stay safe! We should be back to normal tomorrow, but in the event something wild happens, I’ll be back with updates tomorrow. ⛈️⚡️🌪️🙏🏼 #BooWeather #WereSadToo

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  • Closed For Spring Break 3/25-3/29

    Closed For Spring Break 3/25-3/29

    Hello MDA families!! We are closed this week for spring break!! We hope you enjoy this MUCH deserved break!! We will see you back in the studio the week of April 1st!! ✅😎☀️🔥

  • Imagine Dance Challenge Photos

    Imagine Dance Challenge Photos

    WOW…what an amazing weekend for our competition team!! These kids amaze us everytime they hit that stage. Their determination and energy is contagious. Another weekend full of special awards, choreography awards, top placements, and overalls. However, the MOST important award of the weekend MDA was awarded was the “KINDNESS FOR TREVOR” AWARD!!!

    This award goes to the studio who’s students, parents, and staff members all displayed positive energy throughout the weekend as well as showed kindness to not only each other, but to the students of other studios and backstage staff. That is what truly matters!!! Way to go MOXIE!!!

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