Hannah Kostich

Hannah has loved dance for as long as she can remember and has never stopped. She currently teaches baton, predance, pre jazz, pre acro, itty bitty groovers and is a certified acrobatic arts coach. Hannah studied baton under Cindy Brugger for 10 years and competed for Brugger’s Twirling Academy for 6 years within the USTA, earning many awards. She competed in team events as well as solo, presentation, strut, and dance twirl. Teaching dance and baton has been a passion since before she even graduated high school. Hannah started teaching majorette prep her senior year in high school and has continued that through the years. She has had many girls join majorette lines around the area and was a Dover majorette herself. While she loves her baton students, she has a soft spot for her littles. Pre classes have become some of her favorite classes to teach! When not at Moxie, she loves spending time with her husband, Maverick and her 5 fur babies. She also loves to read, bake, and watch Disney movies in her free time. She can’t wait to start the season and meet all of her new students!

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