Hip Hop

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Class Description
Hip Hop is a blend of several dance cultures. It is a very energetic form of dance. This class is designed to increase our students rhythmic and coordination skills. It’s unique because it allows you to perform with freedom of movement and lets you add in your own style. This allows you to step out of the box and be creative. Students will be learning fun and challenging upbeat combinations at each appropriate level. Each student will work on their ability to pick up dance combinations quickly.


  • Level 1: 1-2 years experience
  • Level 2: 2-3 years experience
  • Level 3: 3-6 years experience
  • Level 4: 4+ years experience

Dress Code:

  • Any type of gym shorts, dance shorts, gym pants, dance pants, tank tops, and t-shirts. NO JEANS/JEAN SHORTS.
  • Shoes: Your choice of any style of tennis shoes
  • Hair: Can be worn however student chooses. Hats are permitted in Hip Hop class.

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