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Class Description
Each class will focus on body control, body positioning, and strength. Students must master each skill in their current level before advancing into a higher level.
Any student who has never taken a gymnastics class before, must take at least one pre-tumble class. Once enrolled, the student will be evaluated and moved into the appropriate class level.
Students will be evaluated often through the year and advanced when the coaches feel necessary.


  • Tiny Tot Acro – Introductory level geared specifically towards 3 & 4 year olds.
  • Pre Acro- Introductory Level- Body positions, terminology, jumps, splits, straddles, bridges, handstands, forward roll, begin cartwheel.
  • Beginner Level- Forward and backward roll, handstands, cartwheels, leaps, candlesticks, handstand rolldowns, backbends, front limber (handstand into a bridge), round offs.
  • Intermediate Level- Bridge kick overs, back and front walkovers, back extension roll, back handsprint, back handspring step outs, front handspring, round off back handspring, ariels, cartwheel back handspring (step out).
  • Advanced Level- Series of back handsprings (running or standing), standing back tuck, running roundoff back tuck, front handspring step out to round off back handspring. Incorporate series of skills with back handsprings and back tucks, whips, layouts, full twist.
  • *Open Gym- Open to all levels as an added, extra class.

Dress Code:

  • Form fitting attire and no shoes

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