The Company is a selective team of young dancers who demonstrate excellence in dance and performing. Being on the team asks for a disciplined, hardworking dancer, who is interested in performing in recital, competing, and improving his or her dance skills in wide range of dance styles. Being a team member is for a dancer who wants to focus on flexibility, technique, turns, leaps, timing, style, and performing skills. Being a part of the Company should increase a child’s confidence and train the student for a career in dance or theatre, but most importantly it prepares the dancer for life.

Being a part of Moxie Dance Company takes a joint effort from parents, students and teachers. Parents must realize his or her child’s dancing talents and put them in the correct perspective. Together as a team, we can strengthen your child’s dancing ability and confidence to make him or her the best performer possible. We feel it is important to understand the commitment required to be a member of the Company before auditioning. If you have any further questions please contact Hanah Moreland, Competition Director.

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