Breakout Dance Competition Results

Dance/GroupDivisionAdjudicationOverallSpecial Judges AwardUltimate Award
Ain’t Afraid To Work It Celebrity 16-20 Jazz Solo High Gold
Ain’t No Sunshine Celebrity 13-15 Jazz SoloHigh Gold
Anything You Can Do Up & Coming 10-12 Musical Theater Duo/TrioHigh Gold8th
Aye Caramba Up & Coming 7-9 Open Large Group Platinum3rd
Body Gold Celebrity 16-20 Contemporary SoloHigh Gold
Bruno Up & Coming 16-20 Hip Hop Duo/TrioPlatinum2nd
Burn It Up Up & Coming 13-15 Hip Hop SoloHigh Gold
Category Is Celebrity 10-12 Jazz SoloHigh Gold
Chasing Pirates Up & Coming 10-12 Contemporary SoloHigh Gold
Covergirl Up & Coming 6 & Under Jazz SoloHigh Gold5th
Depth Over Distance Celebrity 13-15 Lyrical SoloPlatinum
Detention Up & Coming 7-9 Acro Duo/TrioHigh Gold2nd
Dock of the Bay Celebrity 13-15 Jazz Duo/TrioHigh Gold
Emergency Up & Coming 7-9 Jazz SoloHigh Gold
Escalate Celebrity 16-20 Contemporary SoloPlatinum
Gimme Dat Up & Coming 16-20 Hip Hop SoloPlatinum1st
God’s Plan Up & Coming 13-15 Hip Hop Small GroupHigh Gold
Haunted Celebrity 16-20 Contemporary Duo/TrioHigh Gold
Moxie Bride Up & Coming 10-12 Jazz Small GroupGold
Music Box Madness Celebrity 16-20 Hip Hop Duo/TrioHigh Gold5thCreative Concept
My Sister Up & Coming 13-15 Lyrical Duo/TrioHigh Gold
My Strongest Suit Up & Coming 10-12 Musical Theater SoloGold
Painting Greys Celebrity 13-15 Contemporary SoloPlatinum7th
Rainbows Beginner 6 & Under Lyrical Duo/TrioPlatinum1stDynamic Duo
Remember Me Celebrity 16-20 Lyrical Small GroupHigh Gold
Right Now Celebrity 16-20 Jazz SoloPlatinum
The Followers Celebrity 16-20 Contemporary Small GroupPlatinum1stPrecision
Unholy War Celebrity 16-20 Jazz Small GroupHigh Gold
Vitamin Sea Celebrity 10-12 Open ProductionPlatinum2ndEntertainment
Walking on Sunshine Up & Coming 7-9 Tap Small GroupHigh Gold
Warrior Up & Coming 7-9 Contemporary Small GroupHigh Gold7thFull of Fire
When You’re Good To MamaCelebrity 16-20 Musical Theater SoloPlatinumMost Likely To Succeed on Broadway
Who You Are Up & Coming 7-9 Lyrical SoloPlatinum2ndEmotional Execution
Youth Up & Coming 13-15 Contemporary SoloHigh Gold