Applause Competition Results

Dance/Group Division Score Overall Special Judges
14G Ovation Solo Musical Theater 17-19 Platinum 15th  
Blessed By The Beat Ovation Small Group Hip Hop 12 Platinum   All Star – NYC Invite
Buzzin Ovation Solo Hip Hop 15-16 Double Platinum 4th  
Caravan Of Love Encore Solo Lyrical 14 Platinum    
Cruisin’ For a Bruisin’ First Call Solo Jazz 9 Double Platinum 8th  
Dance With My Father Encore Duet/Trio Lyrical 11 Platinum 3rd  
Down To Business Ovation Line Open 11 Platinum 3rd All Star – NYC Invite
Footprints In The Sand Ovation Duet/Trio Lyrical 9 Platinum    
Good Is The New Bad First Call Small Group Jazz 7-8 Double Platinum 2nd  
Heaven Hop First Call Duet/Trio Musical Theater 7-8 Double Platinum 2nd  
It’s All About Me First Call Solo Jazz 5 & Under Double Platinum 2nd  
Keep You Safe First Call Duet/Trio Lyrical 7-8 Platinum    
Lazarus Encore Duet/Trio Hip Hop 15-16 Platinum    
Life In The Fast Lane Encore Large Group Tap 15-16 Platinum   All Star – NYC Invite
Melody Of The Past Encore Small Group Lyrical 15-16 Platinum    
My Discarded Men Encore Solo Jazz 15-16 Platinum    
My New Philosophy First Call Solo Musical Theater 9 Double Platinum    
Pyrokinesis Encore Solo Contemporary 15-16 Platinum    
Ready To Rumble Encore Solo Hip Hop 14 Platinum   Fuzion Dance Camp Invite
River Of Tears Encore Solo Lyrical 17-19 Platinum    
Sober Encore Large Group Jazz 15-16 Platinum 3rd  
Zigazig Ah First Call Solo Hip Hop 10 Double Platinum 7th Fuzion Dance Camp Invite